Mark (tibbycat) wrote in ozchristians,

Defending the faith... online?

Oh dear, it seemed like a good idea at first. We're commanded to defend our faith right? So when I saw a thread about religion on an internet forum that I sometimes post to I thought I might as well say what I am and explain why I became a Christian.

I'm not sure it was a good idea in retrospect.
I'd think with time I'd learn to avoid debates on internet forums, especially debates about religion. They have a way of turning ugly fast.

Have a look:

(I don't expect you to read all 47 pages, just maybe look at the last few [my name is Mark btw if you don't already know[)

I'm not sure I was wise, but, what's done is done I figure. On the bright side, I did have some Christians message me privately to say they were encouraged by what I posted, so *shrugs* go figure.

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