forgivenson (forgivenson) wrote in ozchristians,

Prayer Requests

So, I just have a quick small favour to ask of you all.

Could I ask for some prayer, please? There are a few things that I want to ask for some prayerful support in at the moment.

The first is this job that I had the interview for on Friday at 7LA (Radio station in Launceston). I'm really excited about the opportunity, and I'd really love to get this job. Of course, if it's God's place for me not to get this, then so be it; but yeah, I really would like it, and so if you could pray that this would happen, that'd be awesome.

Secondly is with my music. I'm starting to feel like there's something missing in my heart over the past day or two. I've had a few good starts with songs, but I can't seem to make anything solid. I know that two days doesn't seem like a very long time to be worried about, but still, the second request is for inspiration, and some God-given power to get some more songs down.

Oops, there's a third, too.

Third: I forgot about this (Strangely enough :P) For my back. I spent Sunday night in the Emergency Room with back pain, and it's still really sore. Not so bad that I can't move or anything, but it's quite painful at times. God's healing over my back would be awesome, too.

Finally, for a wonderful young singer that I've had the privilege to meet over on MySpace: Jennifer Shaw's father died the other day. Prayer and comfort for her and her family would be awesome.

Thank you, guys. I love you.

God bless,
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