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Quick question: what does everyone think about the movie "Saved!"? I saw it last night with some friends who love it. I have to say that it made me sad more than anything else. The only characters in it who were actually loving it seemed were the non-Christian characters and the supposed Christian characters were a bunch of hypocrites. I realise it's meant to be a satire of hypocritical Christians, but I couldn't help but wish for the sake of balance that there was at least one Christian character in it who didn't just play lip service to Jesus' words.

I think my friends watching it with me (who are Christians themselves) took my criticism of the film to be judgmental towards the characters. So the character of Mary in the film tries to make her boyfriend not gay by having sex with him. It doesn't work, she gets pregnant, and so she blames God. I wondered how someone who's supposedly been a Christian all her life could or would make such a mistake and then blame God for her stupid mistake? I realise all sin is wicked, but if I was a serial killer who went around killing people and raping people for fun, but said I believed that I was a Christian because Jesus loves me, would you really believe that I was a Christian? I'm not suggesting at all that salvation is based in any measure upon our works, but if we're meant to be the "salt of the Earth", shouldn't that be reflected in the things that we do?

I found it implausible too that the character of Mary when seeing her boyfriend and his boyfriend at the prom would casually and nonchalantly say "oh, so is this your life partner?" about her boyfriend's boyfriend. This is a character who's supposed to have been raised in such a sheltered Christianesqe environment that she had to look up the word "gay" on the internet when he came out because she didn't know what that meant.

Anyway. Was interesting to have finally watched it, but I think I found it more depressing than uplifting.

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